I highly recommend the team at Seeger Law! When I sat down with Paule for my initial consultation, she was very intuitive as to what my concerns and needs were and how to address them.  I had sought legal advice from another lawyer prior to going to Seeger Law, and I wasn’t given much hope in being successful in pursuing my case.  Paule saw the potential in what could be accomplished and she ran with it.  The end results were very satisfactory! It was a good day when I walked into the offices of Seeger Law.  Thanks again team ~ Kelowna

A fantastic lawyer!! She looks out for you, does not waste your money and does the RIGHT thing. She gets to the point so as to not waste your money. Her letters to opposing lawyers are to the point and well versed. She doesn’t fall into the games and expense other lawyers do. She represents you with facts. I would recommend Paule to everyone and anyone that needs an honest good person to represent you. She genuinely looks out for you and will do the right thing. She has morals, which very few lawyers do. She represents you in court with every detail needed and presented perfectly. Counselors have asked for her number, because they can’t believe a lawyer thinks this way. She looks out for YOU, not her paycheck. THANK-YOU! My family thanks you. ~Kelowna

Could not have asked for a more amazing team then this one!!!!! ~Amanda

Paule has helped me few times over the past few years… through my separation, divorce, custody arrangements & also helped restructure my will post divorce.  She provides a true level of understanding & fantastic client care. If you want HONESTY (which isn’t for everybody) & RESULTS you should give her a call!! ~Kelowna

Fantastic team!! Could not have had a better lawyer. Thanks so much Paule ~Dawn

I highly recommend Paule Seeger as a Family Law Lawyer. She is clear and tenacious. She address issues in a timely manner and demonstrates a solid understanding of Family Law. This lawyer upholds a level of passion for her work and compassion for her clients as she supports them through difficult mediations. Her correspondences between other lawyers and legal counsel are clear, concise and to the point. She does not waste one’s time or money. She does not engage in ineffective banter that can ultimately become costly to her clients. Very satisfied with this lawyer. ~Vernon