After careful consideration, Seeger Law made the difficult decision to close down our individual practice and join TNG Legal Services MDP ( – BC’s first multi-disciplinary practice of lawyers and BC Notaries working together. We appreciate your business and support over the years and hope to continue serving you from our new home. We look forward to our new journey and again are thankful to all of you who may be reading this.
The Seeger Law Team
Seeger Law deals with many different cases, daily. We take as much time as we can to write helpful articles that provide you with the correct and valuable information you may require moving forward. All of our articles are written with you in mind – to be helpful and give you solid information so you can make informed choices.

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6 Secrets to Successful Single Parenting

Making the transition from married to single life won’t be easy for you or your children, but it can be an exciting time of personal growth. Your divorce can be seen as a transforming event, and you alone are responsible for creating a new kind of family for you and...

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Co-parenting? Summer break is almost here.

Well everyone, summer is on the way! Temperatures are heating up and soon the rattle of school buses down our city streets will come to a halt. Summer vacation is right around the corner & many of us will be taking to the sky and roads for some much needed...

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