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Are you considering separating from your spouse?

If so, below are some important facts and information regarding separations in Canada. Hopefully we can clarify a few common misconceptions about separations and then help you to understand exactly what a Separation Agreement is. First, there really is no such thing...

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Who needs a will? You do!

Who needs a will? Anyone with kids, with assets, who is over 19 …. Pretty much all of you out there! Who has a will?  …… radio silence … Even though I am a lawyer and practice in the area of wills and estates, I didn’t have a will for the longest time (bad lawyer!!). ...

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Becoming a corporation, the birth of a new entity.

I always get excited when a person comes in to incorporate a company.  It’s the start of a very exciting period of a business’ life and one that it is fun to be a part of.  There are so many aspects to changing from doing business by yourself (a sole proprietor) to...

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“I had sought legal advice from another lawyer prior to going to Seeger Law, and I wasn’t given much hope in being successful in pursuing my case.  Paule saw the potential in what could be accomplished and she ran with it.  The end results were very satisfactory! It was a good day when I walked into the offices of Seeger Law.  Thanks again team”  ~ Kelowna


At Seeger Law, we are here to assist from the very beginning. If you are ready, our team is ready, to answer your questions and help you make informed choices about how to move your case forward. As with everything we do, our initial conversation and correspondence will be kept strictly between us.


Our mission is to take a genuine interest in our clients, understand their objectives and meet or exceed their expectations. We dedicate ourselves to these values. Preservation of relationships is our goal and we want our clients to feel they have ownership over the agreement reached. We work hard, play hard and provide superior legal services to Kelowna and the Okanagan on a timely, effective and efficient basis.


We are looking!!

We are excited to announce that we are looking to fill some shoes.  Junior lawyer shoes.  Paralegal shoes &  Legal assistant shoes. We are a sole practitioner firm in downtown Kelowna and we are looking for a full time junior lawyer,  legal assistant & paralegal....

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6 Secrets to Successful Single Parenting

Making the transition from married to single life won’t be easy for you or your children, but it can be an exciting time of personal growth. Your divorce can be seen as a transforming event, and you alone are responsible for creating a new kind of family for you and...

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Co-Parenting Tips For The Holidays: Creating New Memories

One of the toughest times of year for family members following divorce is the holiday season. Let’s face it, it’s a challenge for parents to create new traditions and to let go of grudges and bad memories of past holidays. For the recently divorced parent,...

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“If you want HONESTY (which isn’t for everybody) & RESULTS you should give her a call!!
Fantastic Team. Could not have had a better lawyer”

“I highly recommend the team at Seeger Law! When I sat down with Paule for my initial consultation, she was very intuitive as to what my concerns and needs were and how to address them.”

“A fantastic lawyer!! She looks out for you, does not waste your money and does the RIGHT thing.”
“Fantastic team!! Could not have had a better lawyer. Thanks so much Paule”